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Tips, Tricks and Things To Know To Make The Most of Your Trip!

  • What is the minimum age to rent your Tesla?
    You must be at least 21 years old to book. For all guests under 25, a "Young Driver Fee" of $30 will be applied to the reservation.
  • What do I need to book a car with you?
    When you’re booking your first trip, you’ll go through a quick approval process by entering your driver’s license and some other information. In most cases, you’ll get approved immediately, and you’ll be set for every future road trip, business trip, and family vacation! In addition, you will need to provide a valid credit or debit card. No cash or check payments are accepted on our booking platform at this time. Our booking platform accepts the following forms of payment issued in the primary guest’s name: Most credit cards issued by major financial institutions, including American Express and Discover Non-temporary debit cards with a Visa or Mastercard logo that are linked to a checking account. Includes debit cards from online banks, such as Chime, Ally, and others Doesn’t include reloadable debit cards such as Simple, Chase Liquid, or EDD
  • Do I need my own insurance to rent your Tesla?
    Your own insurance policy, credit card protections, or other sources of coverage will be the primary coverage on all our rentals. We strongly recommend examining your coverage to ensure that they cover up to the full value of the vehicle you are renting in the event of a claim, as Tesla Rental OKC is not qualified to evaluate the adequacy of your policy. You will be responsible for the repair or replacement of the vehicle you are renting in case of a claim, as well as any related costs and fees. If you do not have or do not wish to use your auto insurance policy, you may consider a single-trip coverage provided by a third party, such as,,, Please note that Tesla Rental OKC is in no way affiliated with any of these providers, and is sharing this information only as a reference tool. Tesla Rental OKC is not qualified to evaluate, recommend or vouch for any specific third party insurance provider.
  • Can other people drive the car I rented?
    Yes, multiple guests can drive the car you book with us, as long as they are all approved to drive and listed on the Rental Agreement. The primary driver (whoever booked the car) can add additional drivers with no fees or additional charges. We encourage you to request to add additional drivers before your trip starts, though guests in the US and Canada can request to add a driver while a trip is in progress. All drivers must have a valid driver’s license and meet the verification requirements for the car you’ve booked.
  • Do you offer one-way trips?
    We do not offer one-way trips at this time. You are welcome to go anywhere in the Continental United States, but all trips must end with the vehicle returned to the origin pick up location.
  • Is there a mileage limit?
    All our vehicles include 300 miles per day, calculated as a sum at the end of your trip. We also offer Unlimited Mileage for an additional $9 per day.
  • Where can I charge the car?
    The best option is a Tesla Supercharger. You may also charge at a Tesla Destination Charger, or at home or work using the provided mobile charging cable. Alternatively you may charge at any non-Tesla charging station (such as EVgo, Frances Energy, and others), but you will need to use a special charging adapter. You can use the PlugShare website to locate these charging stations. All our vehicles are equipped with the following adapters at no additional cost: Regular wall adapter (NEMA 5-15) 4-prong dryer plug adapter (NEMA 14-30) 3-prong dryer plug adapter (NEMA 10-30) 4-prong oven plug adapter (NEMA 14-50) SAE J1772 charging adapter We also offer the following adapters upon request ($25 per trip): CHAdeMO CCS Note that most non-Tesla charging stations will require either a J1772, or a CHAdeMO or CCS adapter. For more information, please visit our Charging Tips page.
  • How do I pay for charging?
    If you charge the vehicle at a Tesla Supercharger, you do not need to present a form of payment at the Supercharger station. Supercharging fees are automatically charged to our Tesla account. At the end of your trip, we will add up all the supercharger fees you incurred during your trip, and send you a reimbursement request. If you charge the vehicle at a Tesla network Destination Charger or at home using the mobile connector, there will be no payment required. If you charge the vehicle at a non-Tesla charging station, you will need to present payment at the charging station, depending on the respective provider for that station.
  • How long does it take to charge a Tesla?
    If you are charging at a Tesla Supercharger, it really depends on how low the battery is and how far of a distance you need to go before your next stop. Most of the time it will be 15-20 minutes or less. If you are going really far between superchargers, it could be up to 45-50 minutes. NOTE: You do not need to wait in the car while it is charging. Most Tesla Supercharger destinations are located next to some type of attraction (restaurants, convenience stores, hotels, shopping malls, etc.). However, please take a note of the estimated charge time that will be shown on the car's touchscreen when you start charging, and keep an eye on the time. "Idle Fees" will be applied if the car is left plugged in after it has completed charging. If you are charging at a Tesla Destination Charger or at home, it will be a bit slower. Please check out our "Charging Guide" for more information.
  • Do I need to recharge the car before returning it?
    Yes - please recharge the vehicle to approximately the same level it was when it was delivered to you. Recharge fees will apply if the vehicle is returned without recharging, as follows: 0%–20% remaining charge: $50 21%–%50 remaining charge: $20 51%–80% remaining charge: $10
  • Can I drive your Tesla out of state?
    YES! You are welcome to go anywhere you wish within the Continental United States. Make sure you plan your charging stops when you plan your trip!
  • Is there a Toll Pass in the vehicle?
    Yes. All our Teslas have a PikePass. Feel free to use toll roads as needed. When you return the vehicle, we will calculate your tolls and send you a reimbursement request.
  • Do your Teslas have "Full Self Driving"?
    YES! All our vehicles have the features described at this link: under the Full Self-Driving Capability heading.
  • What happens if I have an accident or need assistance?
    We are available to you 24/7 via phone or text messaging during your trip. In case of emergency on the road: - if you have included access to the Tesla app on your reservation, you can use the app to contact Tesla Roadside assistance - if you do not have Tesla app access, you can contact us directly and we can arrange for roadside assistance for you.


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Go Anywhere. 

1,971 Supercharger stations, 17,467 Superchargers, plus thousands of destination chargers.  And of course, charge at home.


Plan ahead for your trip time and charging stops with this handy tool.


View or download our "cheat sheet" reference guides for a quick introduction to the basic features and functions of each car.  Handy during your trip!

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Want to learn more about the unique features of the Tesla you will be driving? Check out these helpful video guides.


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