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Reservations booked from this website are fulfilled using the Tesla Rents booking platform, and are subject to the Terms and Conditions provided by the platform.

  • Payment in full is required upon reservation – License and Insurance must be verified before handoff of the vehicle.

  • An authorization will be placed on the card upon pickup and released upon safe return of the vehicle.

  • Every rental includes a free mileage of 300 miles/day. Mileage is counted as sum total of entire trip. Excess miles wile be charged at a rate of $0.85/additional mile at the end of the trip.

  • Our cars are equipped with USB memory sticks that allow for sentry mode and dashcam footage storage for your safety during your trip. Tampering, removal, or loss of USB memory device will result in a $100 replacement fine.

  • You assume full financial responsibility for the vehicle and any third party damages that occur during your trip, while the vehicle is in your care, custody and control except to the extent arising out of resulting from our gross negligence or any latent, hidden or other product defects or product liability or malfunction with respect to the Vehicle or breach by Us of any term, condition, representation or warranty under this Agreement. You are responsible for any fees and charges incurred during your trip (tolls, fines, charging fees if applicable, charger idle fees, etc.). Absolutely no smoking or pets. Any violations will be subject to a fee in accordance with the damages assessed.

  • You must demonstrate sufficient insurance coverage for the car you are renting for the actual cash value. You may provide your own insurance – subject to our approval – or purchase insurance through through the extras section. You are not required to purchase insurance from us as a condition for the rental.  If you choose to provide your own insurance, your policy must provide sufficient coverage for the full replacement cost of the vehicle you are renting, and no more than $1000 deductible.

  • Upon booking, we will send you detailed instructions on car use, pickup, documentation, and insurance procedures.

  • We reserve the right to decline renting our cars to any person at anytime. If we decline your rental request all payments made to us will be refunded to you in full.

  • Cancellation: You may cancel the reservation for a full refund up to 48 hours after the time of booking or 24 hours from the reservation time for "short notice" trips (booked within 2 days of start date). Trips cancelled after that time will receive a refund of 50% of the rental cost.

  • Changes: Please contact us. We will strive to accommodate changes, subject to cars' availability.

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