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Exploring Tesla Vision: what is it?

You've heard about it: Teslas "drive themselves" while you relax and enjoy the ride. But how does that work? This article explores this futuristic technology in simple terms. For a more technical overview of Tesla Vision, Neural Networks, and Tesla's overall achievements in AI (Artificial Intelligence), please visit this link.

Exploring Tesla Vision
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What is Tesla Vision?

Tesla Vision allows your car to see and understand the world around it - identify pedestrians, traffic lights, road signs, and other vehicles, by using cameras installed all around the car and a complex set of computer processing (called neural networks) that create a digital map of everything happening around the your car, and responding appropriately. Just like your eyes send signals to your brain, the cameras on the Tesla send signals to its onboard computer. The computer then learns from all these signals as well as all the other signals received by the millions of cars in the Tesla network, processes them, and turns them into a 3D picture of the world around it.

How Does It Work?

Imagine you are driving your Tesla down the street. Tesla Vision's cameras capture images of the road, the cars in front, next to you and behind you, the people crossing the street, and even that stop sign you are approaching. The onboard computer takes all these images, pieces them together and determines what is what: it knows to tell the difference between a stop sign and a billboard, or between a person standing on the curb and a tall mailbox, a truck and a motorcycle, etc.

Autopilot and Full Self Driving

Just like your Tesla, the millions of Teslas driving every day worldwide collect information like that and send it to Tesla's supercomputers, which are therefore constantly training and learning how to respond to what is going on around the car. This is the foundation for the Autopilot and Full Self Driving (FSD) technology, which uses complex processing algorithms to determine how to drive the car and make the appropriate decisions in complicated, real-world situations: follow the road, stay in your lane, change lanes when needed, avoid road construction, know when to stop, when to accelerate, when to turn, and even park itself.

Safety First

And what is truly great... Tesla Vision does not get tired or sleepy no matter what time it is or how long it has been driving, or distracted by the scintillating conversation with your passengers or on the phone, or by that text message that seems to need answering right away. It is always "on", paying attention to the road and the world around it and getting better every day at making complex decisions. Already a safer driver than most of us, Tesla's vision (pun intended!) is to achieve fully autonomous driving, but we are not quite there yet. So while you enjoy Autopilot or the current version of FSD, make sure you still pay attention to the road too, and be ready to take over driving at any time.

Tesla Vision is a key ingredient in making fully autonomous driving a reality. That means your Tesla will eventually drive itself without any help or intervention whatsoever from you. Imagine your Tesla picking you up from work or school, driving you home, dropping you off at the grocery store or the gym - all while you relax and catch up on life, work, or school. Until then, remember that safety is the name of the game. Tesla takes safety very seriously and constantly updates its software to make sure Tesla Vision is fine tuned to perfection.

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