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Supercharging: Pro Tips

Superchargers are by far the fastest charging option for your Tesla: with a worldwide network of over 40,000 global stations, superchargers are 480-volt DC stations that provide in general between 72 kW and 250 kW, depending on which version of the charger is installed at a particular station.

Superchargers are designed to be very simple and straightforward to use, so you can just plug in, relax and get going quickly. For example, unlike other EV charging stations, the Tesla supercharger "knows" which car is plugged in, and will automatically bill the vehicle owner's Tesla account, so you do not need to fuss with credit cards or apps to get the charging session going.

Whether you are a new Tesla owner or renting a Tesla for your trip, there are a few other tips that will help you make the most of your supercharging experience, and look like a pro!

Pro Tip #1

Use the touchscreen's navigation system to locate and navigate to a Supercharger. The battery will automatically precondition to charge faster.

Pro Tip #2

If possible, don't wait until the battery is almost empty before charging. Arrive with 20% battery or less to maximize the charge rate and charge faster. Also, be kind to your battery: avoid charging to 100% to preserve the life of the battery.

Pro Tip #3

Leave space between cars/stalls, if possible. In some cases, neighboring stalls share power, which means both you and the car next to you will charge slower.

Pro Tip #4

Move your car once your supercharging session is complete. Not only you may incur idle fees, but supercharger stations are often busy, so it is good practice to make room and allow other Tesla owners to charge.

Pro Tip #5

Many superchargers are nearby food and beverage shops for your convenience. We all know it: chilling in your car enjoying a videogame or catching up on your Netflix with Tesla's huge screen and premium sound system, while taking five to have a snack is one of the best parts of supercharging. However, please leave the charging station clean and dispose of litter, so that your fellow Tesla drivers may also have an enjoyable experience!

Enjoy your trip!

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