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4 Reasons Why A Long Term Car Rental Is Better Than A Lease

Updated: Mar 3, 2023

If you are thinking about a short term lease (2 years or less) as a company car, or a long term project for your business, you need to read this. You're welcome.

Small business owners have a lot of expenses to worry about, from employee salaries to supplies and equipment. One expense that's often overlooked is the cost of vehicles. If your business requires transportation, you'll need to budget for vehicles, insurance, and maintenance. This can add up quickly, and it can be tough to justify the cost, especially if your business is just starting out. In addition, if you need a company car for less than 2 years, purchasing or leasing can be prohibitive and complicated, and many dealerships do not offer lease options for less than a year.

The Right Choice: Long Term Rentals

One alternative to buying or leasing a vehicle outright is to consider a long-term rental. Even more so, a Tesla long-term rental is an excellent option for small businesses that want to save money, reduce expenses, and increase their brand recognition.

Here are some of the benefits of a Tesla long-term rental for small businesses:

  1. Lower costs: Renting a Tesla vehicle is a cost-effective alternative to buying one outright. You won't have to worry about the initial investment or the ongoing expenses of ownership, such as insurance, maintenance, and repairs.

  2. Flexibility: Renting allows you to choose the vehicle that best fits your business needs. Whether you need a car for one employee or several, you can easily scale your rental to meet your changing needs.

  3. Increased brand recognition: A Tesla is a status symbol and is recognized as a luxury vehicle. Renting a Tesla can help increase your business's brand recognition and show your customers that you're committed to quality and excellence.

  4. Improved employee morale: Tesla vehicles are known for their sleek design, high-tech features, and smooth ride. Renting a Tesla for your employees can help improve their morale and make them feel valued.

Our No-Hassle Solution

Tesla Rental OKC offers a low-emission, zero maintenance alternative to your company car needs. All the luxury, none of the hassle or high costs of business car ownership.

Consider the costs of leasing or purchasing outright, compared to renting a car long-term from us:


Long Term Rental

  1. Down Payment

  1. Nominal One-time deposit

2. Monthly Payments for a fixed period of time (usually 2-4 years)

2. Monthly Rental Payments as long as you need the car. No fixed term commitments (month-to-month)

3. Auto Insurance

3. EV Charging at less than a third of the cost of what you pay for gasoline

4. Registration

5. Car Maintenance

6. Fuel

Key benefits of our Long-Term program:

  • Save time on managing your fleet. Our onboarding process is quick and easy, and you will never need to waste time scheduling regular maintenance, repairs, or inspections.

  • Eliminate Unnecessary Costs. Our long-term program offers heavily discounted rates, and a month-to-month structure with easy cancellation and no fixed term commitments.

  • Fuel Expense Savings. Charge at home, at work, or on the road. EV Charging is ridiculously inexpensive compared to the cost of gasoline. We will include an estimated fuel cost calculation in your quote.

Compared to an average mid-size car, at today's average gas prices, for 15,000 miles a year, driving a Tesla will save 70% over the cost of gas.
  • Convenience and Flexibility. No lengthy contract or onboarding process. Our cars may be available same-day, and you can swap vehicles throughout your long term rental if you wish (*based upon availability). In addition, we also offer delivery and pick-up service at your location within the greater Oklahoma City area.

  • Amazing Driving Experience. Drive the latest in Tesla technology, including award-winning safety features to protect yourself, your drivers, and your company.

A Tesla long-term rental is a great option for small businesses that want to save money, reduce expenses, and increase their brand recognition. It offers many benefits, including lower costs, flexibility, increased brand recognition, environmental friendliness, and improved employee morale. So, if your business requires transportation, consider renting a Tesla vehicle from us and start reaping the benefits today!

About Us

Tesla Rental OKC is a premier boutique car rental service that offers customers in Oklahoma City the opportunity to experience luxury and sustainability in one affordable package. Our fleet of Tesla electric vehicles provides an unparalleled driving experience with convenience, comfort and high performance. Our team is committed to providing exceptional customer service, ensuring that every rental experience is hassle-free and enjoyable. Whether you need a car for business or pleasure, Tesla Rental OKC is your go-to source for energy-efficient and luxurious transportation. Book your rental today and experience the future of driving.

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