2021 Model Y LR -"Artemis"

2021 Model Y LR -"Artemis"


This all-electric, compact crossover SUV will amaze you with its exciting performance (0-60 in 4.8 seconds), while keeping you pampered and comfortable in its luxurious interior.  With an EPA estimate of around 300 miles of range (mixed city/highway) and ridiculously inexpensive supercharging at more than 30,000 locations, this award-winning, safest-in-class Model Y gives you and your family unparalleled protection and peace of mind while on the road.  Or, you can plug it in at home and wake up to a full battery each morning.   And if that was not enough, this version includes the latest Autopilot software, which will make long trips a breeze and your vehicle the safest on the road.

No Extra Turo Trip Fees or Taxes! 

Daily rates starting at $135/day.

Multi-day discounts available.

  • IMPORTANT - Insurance Coverage

    IMPORTANT: You are required to provide proof of sufficient insurance subject to our review and approval before the start of your trip. Review and approval conducted via email after reservation.

    Your insurance must have sufficient coverage to cover the full replacement cost of the car you are renting, and no more than $1000 deductible. If you do not have or cannot provide sufficient insurance for this car, please contact us at teslarentalokc@gmail.com or 405-283-6310.